Learn Spanish online using skype

Learning Spanish online?, yes, that’s possible with instituto exclusivo::

-> Your time is precious, so we are flexible, you can choose your own schedule around other commitments.
->  Our teachers are fully qualified and trained to teach in an online environment. They  will help you reach your learning goals.
-> Learn Spanish when you want & where you want.
->  One-on-One Spanish lessons with your very own tutor.
->  Real-time Spanish lessons over the Internet.
->  Immersion-based training: you will be speaking Spanish from the very first lesson.


Make sure you have access to a computer with a headset and an Internet connection.
Download and create a free Skype account.
Ask for your Free Spanish Live Class (the first one is always free)
Arrange a schedule with your new online teacher
Enjoy!…just what this video

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New Marketing Director wants to hear from YOU

Dear IE blog participants,

It is my sincere pleasure to have joined the IE administrative team in December 2008, and I look forward to working together to spread quality language learning worldwide.

Since become the Director of Marketing and Programs at IE, I have launched several surveys and hope for your feedback to continue strengthening our programs and outreach efforts.

Look for us on facebook, google talk, twitter, everywhere you are online, and please do let us know if you are somewhere we aren´t and ought to be!

We continue to adapt our instruction to individual needs whether teaching is done online or on site, and recommend a blended program for the adventurous traveler bound for South America. Don´t miss out on the opportunity to prepare for your trip with online classes to be complemented by live instruction upon arrival in linda La Paz, the ideal location in which to perfect your Spanish and appreciation of Bolivian culture.

I welcome your ideas at any time, so please feel free to write me directly at susan@ie-spanishonline.com and we can establish more direct contact that way.

With all best wishes from the Andes,

Susan Frick, Director of Marketing and Programs, IE

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